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If you want to break-through your fears, you have to literally change your unconscious thoughts and reprogram your synaptic pathways.


I teach my audiences worldwide how to use internal language based in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and even advanced hypnosis language patterns to quickly change their old rusty thinking habits.

There really does exist an amazing set of psychological techniques to overcome doubt, reduce fears, and truly boost their confidence.

One of the favorite sessions in my live seminars is a simple guided meditation series called:

It’s always one of the favorite sessions because it requires no work on the part of the audience. It reminds me of the days when Dr. Ray told me to close my eyes and just listen.

You just sit back and close your eyes.

Because of my background in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, I’m able to guide them to feel more confident and release lifelong insecurities often in less than 30 minutes just with a simple guided meditation session.

Pretty amazing. Huh?

  • Do you know anyone who feels stuck inside their head?

  • Do you know anyone who has so many insecure feelings they often just sit quietly by… afraid to speak their mind?

  • Do you know anyone one that could benefit from an increase in self-confidence?

If so, then the mental technique I am about to reveal is going to be a turning point in your life.

It will change your life. For the better. Forever.

What would it be like if that negative critical voice inside your head changed?

And your voice started telling you how awesome you really are… And it stopped pointing out flaws?

Do you wish you could speak up and ask for what you want with no fear of rejection, no fear of humiliation, no fear of looking stupid?

If you or anyone you know has ever suffered from a lack of confidence, then imagine investing just a few minutes a week reprogramming your thoughts…

With your eyes closed and in a relaxed meditative state of mind.

Until now, the only way you could get my guided meditation to help you feel a sense of Unstoppable Confidence was if you happened to attend one of my in person live trainings.

For the first time, I’m releasing this amazing Unstoppable Confidence guided meditation in a portable personal audio format.

It’s called The … The Unstoppable Confidence Home Meditation Course

For the first time ever, it’s now available for you as an audio download so you can listen to it on your phone, iPad, or computer… Anywhere you travel.

What’s  more, I’ve combined the Unstoppable Confidence mental programming words with something called binaural beats, which have been scientifically proven to increase retention and help you reach a meditative state faster and easier.

Honestly, this program is so much more effective than even I could do from stage with a microphone. The affirmations, stories and meditations your about to listen to have all been created using the most advanced positive psychology, brain research and cutting edge technologies that will allow you to easily and comfortably make all the necessary changes required to achieve your goals and ultimate lifestyle.


•Headphones are a must.
•A relaxed, undisturbed setting is required.
•And just listen.
•That’s it!

 4 Reasons this Unique Meditation Program is HIGHLY Effective:

1) The rhythmic background music and special audio effects.

2) The 3D sound Holosync™ cross-fading recording method that makes you feel like you are sitting in the room with me.

3) Two voices helping change your unconscious which creates a unique listening experience.

4) Powerful NLP based language patterns which bypass your current beliefs and install new ones… Almost automatically.

It takes just 3 weeks to quickly and easily discover a new level of Self Confidence like you’ve never felt before. But, it won’t take 3 weeks to feel different. You will feel more powerful after the very first session.

Click below to play a 4 minute audio sample:


Plus, I recruited a second expert to add another dimension
to your listening experience.

In this 3-part program, I incorporated the expertise of Mel Zabel–a published author and meditation expert.

What’s more, Mel is also an expert on brain neural entrainment technologies and NLP.

Together, we’ve created a program so unique… You will find yourself listening to these audio tracks over and over again.

Here is how I suggest you move through the program:

Week 1: My voice alone, with subtle binaural beats. You become accustomed to the teaching and the entrainment on week one.

Week 2: A very similar meditation offered by Mel Zabel. This week the subliminal aspects of technology is increased substantially. (It’s very important to follow the program and resist the temptation to skip ahead.)

Week 3: This is the shortest and most powerful recording of them all. Incorporating cross hemispheric entrainment through Mel’s proprietary entrainment technologies, including both of our voices taking you to a place of confident positive change.

This is a simple and scientifically proven technique that will begin reprogramming your mind from the very first time you listen to the first audio recording.

Curious? Let me take away the risk.

I’m going to offer you the same guarantee I’ve offered for the past 23 years in business.

If you don’t absolutely LOVE this system, you can have a 100% refund!
AND… even keep the audio files as a gift. 



You have a 100% money back iron-clad satisfaction guarantee.


I know there are some dishonest people in the world that might take advantage of such a generous money back guarantee…  But, I believe most people are good and honest, so I’ll take all the risk off your shoulders because I sincerely believe this program will change your life and those of your friends and family for the better.

I’ll take all the risk off your shoulders because I sincerely believe this program will change your life and those of your friends and family for the better.

Plus, as a bonus… I am giving you permission to share the audio files with your family or your spouse!

Lean Back. Relax. Enjoy.

Building your self-confidence has never been easier.

Ask Yourself: What’s it really worth to you…

  • To have the confidence to command the price you know you’re worth?

  • To be with the partner of your dreams?

  • To walk in a room and own the room?




I think it would be an amazing value to access unstoppable confidence at the retail price of just $197,

BUT as a way for saying Thank You for downloading my most latest book and reading this far…

You won’t invest $197

You won’t invest $100

You won’t even pay $50

 You can grab Instant Access for just $17.

Yes, I’ll Take It!

Even if your self-confidence is through the roof, can you think of anyone in your life who could use that extra boost of esteem?

Grab the Unstoppable Confidence complete guided meditation course for them.


Yep. Just 17 bucks and you can be re-programming your brain with your eyes closed as you simply download the 3 audio files and hit play.

Again, I will remind you of our 100% Iron Clad Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you don’t see dramatic results…

If you don’t feel you’re worth the investment…

If you just don’t like the sound of my voice…

Really, you can have a refund and keep the recordings.

Love it, or get a full refund.


Click below to download “Unstoppable Confidence” for just $197$17!!

(This special price is available for you on this page only)


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